All About Oranda


The goldfish is one of the all-time favourites for aquarium owners, with the Oranda goldfish being among the most popular. The form and colours of the Oranda goldfish have attracted exotic fish enthusiasts consistently over the years, making it a top-seller. At Wholesale Tropicals, we can provide expert advice and high-quality stock for keeping and rearing the Oranda goldfish.

Caring for your Oranda

Initially, it is important to have the aquarium habitat right for your Oranda goldfish. Expert advice is available on this at Wholesale Tropicals, but the essential points are that the water temperature needs to be sufficiently warm and the water adequately filtered of debris, which can cause serious infections if not cleared. Although the Oranda is omnivorous, it is better for the fish not to be kept with fish that are over-competitive for food. On the other hand, the Oranda may be a good match with water snails, which help to keep the aquarium free of algae.

What is an Oranda?

The Oranda is a type of goldfish that has become popular for its rounded shape, its flowing tail, and its bright colours and patterns. Like all goldfish, the Oranda is a descendant of the wild carp fish, which had its origins in Central Asia. A number of different varieties of Oranda have been bred over the years and our specialists at Wholesale Tropicals can assist in identifying a suitable type of Oranda for you. Establishing an appropriate environment is also important, as the Oranda can be extremely sensitive to, for example, temperature and pollution.

Getting started

The Oranda is a popular goldfish but is not the easiest to look after successfully. Come down to our store in Bethnal Green, where we can determine if and how an Oranda can fit with your aquarium or tropical fish collection. We can also provide tips on keeping and breeding the Oranda and alternatives for different aquarium habitats.

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