All About Gourami

The Gourami

Attractive and easy to care for, the Gourami is an excellent fish to add to a colourful aquarium. Several varieties of Gourami are suitable for keeping and even breeding in a community aquarium. At Wholesale Tropicals, we can provide specific information to help you decide which variety best suits your needs.

Caring for your Gourami

The Gourami is low maintenance in comparison to other exotic fish species but certain aspects of its care still require attention from owners. The territorial nature of the male Gourami, for instance, means that it is preferable to have just one male in an aquarium. A diet that includes fresh and live foods helps to keep a Gourami in good health, particularly if the intention is to breed the fish. Black worms and brine shrimp can be provided in addition to fresh lettuce and spinach, for example. Shallow water, low light, and minimal water movement all contribute to the best conditions for breeding.

What is a Gourami?

The Gourami is best known as a type of labyrinth fish. This means that a lung-like organ gives them the ability to breathe air, which sets them apart from most other fish species. One or two varieties even have the ability to move about on dry land. In the wild, the Gourami thrives in areas with high temperatures and shallow waters, predominantly in South East Asia and Africa. Our experts at Wholesale Tropicals can guide you on the specific characteristics of the various varieties.

Getting started

Come down to our store in Bethnal Green, and we can help you to discover more about owning and caring for tropical fish. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in picking out the best variety of Gourami for your aquarium, or can direct you to other suitable species of exotic fish.

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