African Malawi Cichlids are perfect for tropical fish tank owners in London, as well as South and Central American Cichlids, as they the water in London suits them perfectly due to its high alkaline level. Best bought in very large quantities and to slightly over pack your tank as they are a naturally aggressive breed. This helps to prevent one on one aggression as it it difficult for them to fight in a busy tank. It is also best to kept with a ratio of 1 male to 3 females or a male only aquarium, again to calm and prevent excessive aggression.

How to look after African Malawi fish

As it is advised to keep a large amount of African Malawi Cichlids in one tank it is important to change the water regularly due to the high density of waste produced, which causes the PH level to drop. The PH level ideally needs to be kept at 7.6 or above, however no more than a level of 8.2. To have a step-by-step guide of how to clean a fish tank watch at our how to keep your fish tank clean video or our water testing video to keep an eye on your water’s PH level.

What temperature are African Malawi fish kept at

African Malawi Cichlids are normally kept in a standard aquarium environment decorated with rocks and at a temperature of between 24C to 26C.

What to feed African Malawi fish

They need to be kept on a low protein diet that is high in vegetable and algae foods however the addition of other foods that would similarly to eat is highly recommended. Just as us in store to find out the specific dietary needs for your fish.