Here at Wholesale Tropicals we are passionate about tropical fish and fish keeping. Being a family run business with over 50 years experience has helped us become an award winning store. If you are in search for a trusted fish tank, feel confident knowing we have been voted in the top 10 aquatic retailers for the last 20 years. Collecting tropical fish has long been a favorite past time. They are among some of the most beautiful creatures in the world and as well as having a wonderful decorative quality they can also offer great relaxation qualities as well. Based in Bethnal Green, we have visitors who want to buy tropical fish from all over London including Bow, Shoreditch & Whitechapel and UK. We sell the finest collection of tropical fish as well as a wide range of accessories and equipment needed to create your perfect aquarium.

Our East London location allows us to provide a wide range of beautiful, healthy tropical fish to the areas of London, Bow, Shoreditch & Whitechapel and the rest of the UK. These include classic favourites such as Tetras, Guppies and Gouramis and Catfishes. We are also able to order in on demand and specially import other more rare varieties such as the Arowanas, sting rays and cichlids. Added to this we also offer a number of tropical crustacean such as crabs and shrimps to complete your wonderful, tropical aquarium.

Providing and caring for a specialist pet like tropical fish requires specialist knowledge. That means that all our staff are highly qualified in all areas of fish management and health knowledge including areas such as fish biology and behaviour, fish health and water quality. Our dedication and experience means you can be confident in the health, happiness and legitimacy of any of the tropical fish species you buy from us. In 2010 we were voted top aquatic retailer in the South of England.

To find out more about the range of fish and other products we carry or to speak to our staff about a particular fish then please do get in touch. You can email us at terry@wholesaletropicals.co.uk. If you wish to speak to us in person call us on 020 7739 5356.

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