Siamese Fighting Fish

Fiery in colour with splendid flowing fins, the Siamese Fighting Fish is a proud centrepiece for many aquarium owners. Some care is needed in choosing its habitat and fellow aquarium community members, but the Siamese Fighting Fish makes for an extremely attractive and fascinating resident in a tropical aquarium.

What is a Siamese Fighting Fish?

A variety of the Gourami, with its origins in the Mekong basin of South East Asia and particularly in Thailand (formerly known as Siam), the looks of the Siamese Fighting Fish have made it popular with aquarium owners. Several varieties of the fish exist, with different fin colours and markings but flowing red or orange fins are typical. The fish can flare its fins in certain behavioural situations. The name of the Siamese Fighting Fish derives from the aggressive behaviour of the male of the species towards other males and similar looking fish; so two males should not be kept together in the same tank. At Wholesale Tropicals, our expert staff can advise on the best community species with which to partner the fish.

Caring for your Siamese Fighting Fish

A heated tank of around 45-litres capacity would best suit a solo male Siamese Fighting Fish. Although the fish is omnivorous, it usually favours small live prey. The behaviour of the male towards other males and towards certain other fish means that fellow aquarium community members should be chosen carefully, with a preference for slower-moving bottom to middle dwellers. Advice that is more detailed is available from Wholesale Tropicals.

Getting started

Come down to our store in Bethnal Green, where we can get you started on the safe care of your Siamese Fighting Fish. We can also advise on breeding, which should be undertaken with some care. If the Siamese Fighting Fish proves not to be suitable for your aquarium, we have plenty of other colourful tropical fish for you to consider.

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