Soft Shell Turtles


These turtles are not timid and do not like being handled. They’ll attack if they feel threatened, and are generally aggressive toward other turtles.

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They’re not for the beginner, but if you’re interested in an aquatic profile that’s a little out of the ordinary, you may want to consider a softshell turtle for a pet. As the name suggests, these strange looking turtles lack the one characteristic almost all turtles share: a hard shell. This makes them more susceptible to attacks in the wild, but unlike their fellow turtles, softshells can move quickly on land.

In places where turtle soup is a regular menu item, it’s likely that softshell turtle meat is part of the recipe. But if they can avoid the stew pot and the occasional alligator, softshell turtles can be intriguing pets for the right owner.

In the wild, softshell turtles love to bury themselves in the sand. By providing clean play sand in the bottom of their tank you’ll encourage natural behaviors and prevent other harsh substrates like gravel from hurting its fragile body.


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