Pink Belly Turtle


Turtles will enjoy sufficient “hiding” space underwater. The presence of plants, logs, and other aquarium designs will be most welcome. Make sure that there is sufficient space to prevent these turtles from getting stuck. Adjusting the placement as they grow is recommended to provide sufficient underwater hiding space.

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Originally found in Papua New Guinea and Australia, this turtle also goes by the name of Red Belly Sideneck Turtle. As the name suggests, the species typically has a red-pink belly with a grey shell and a breastplate of grey-coral pink. There are two yellow stripes on the neck with heads typically colored green and grey.

Usually hatching at 1.25 inches in length, the species can grow up to 10 inches after a decade. Distinguishing the sexes can be done when the turtle is roughly 5 inches in length – males typically have thicker tails while females have shorter and slighter tails.

They are considered favourites in the turtle world because of their beautiful shell and their even temperament. The Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle is known for its ability to adapt with other turtle species. However, they are averse to both Snap Turtles and Large Musk Turtles. It is estimated that the breed can live up to 50 years.


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