Peckoltia Compta L134


A very attractive species, having a bright, yellow-brown coloured body thickly covered in bold, dark brown irregular stripes and spots. Colours remain intense throughout the life of the fish.

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An omnivorous species that prefers insect larvae and other meaty foods but will eat some greenstuff including algae, vegetables and soft-leaved aquarium plants. Peckoltia are territorial, but can be kept in groups if provided with sufficient space. a “plot of land” about 30cm by 30cm should be adequate for each fish, and ideally keep either singly or in groups of three or more. Males have bristly odontodes on the pectoral fins and front half of the body, which females lack. This feature will only be obvious on mature specimens. Has been bred in aquaria, and spawns in a cave in much the same way as Ancistrus spp.


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