Panaque Armbrusteri Jamanxim L27


Typical large bulky Royal Panaque, with a dark brown to black base and golden/ light brown stripes. When young, they show the typical clear section on their tails

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Panaque Armbrusteri Jamanxim can become territorial when they become mature, and can show aggression towards similarly sized bottom dwellers but they are generally peaceful to all tankmates, at smaller sizes they can be very shy and seldom seen.

Like all panaques, they are wood eaters, ideally, a few types of soft wood should be used to decorate their tanks, diet should be supplemented with a variety of other foods, especially fresh veg. Favourites seem to be food such as sweet potato, courgette etc and they will favour the tough skin instead of the flesh. Meat proteins should only be fed very occasionally if at all, it is believed that panaque find too much protein hard to digest, and can lead to digestive problems such as bloat.




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