Marina Vue 87

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The Marina Vue 87 Aquarium and Cabinet – 87 litre aquarium and two door storage cabinet in Oak finish with Marina i160 Internal 3 stage filtration system, 100w heater, LED Thermometer and soft touch daytime and moonlight LED Lighting

Also has an optional cabinet was £145 now on sale at £116

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The Marina Vue 87is a seamless modern designed Aquarium with unobstructed viewing pleasure complete with an energy efficient Day and Moonlight LED lighting system and filtration, as well s the complete storage cabinet. The 87 litre aquarium has been developed by engineers of precision, skill and professionalism at Marina to provide the user with functionality fused with a sophisticated design ethos.

This Kit comes complete with a 3 stage soft touch 7500K LED light with a daytime, moonlight and off settings. The Marina Vue Aquarium range come complete with a Marina i160 series 3 stage internal filter with waterfall spout for increased oxygenation. Replacement filter cartridges also available.

The innovative LED lighting system which has been incorporated into the Marina Vue 87 Aquarium, offers plants, fish and other aquarium inhabitants ideal lighting levels for the best results in health, growth and colour.

As with all aquariums from all manufacturers, we highly recommend installing the Marina Vue 87 Aquarium on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet the same size or larger than the footprint of the aquarium, if you do not install on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet, this will void your warranty as with the manufacturer’s warranty also.

Also has an optional cabinet was £145 now on sale at £116


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