Fluval Spec 19 Litre White

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Fluval Spec is a contemporary looking aquarium designed for small areas such as desktops and countertops.

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This 19-litre (5 US gal) etched-glass aquarium with aluminium trim combines style and functionality in one small package.

Though small in stature, Fluval Spec is big on features.

It comes with a sleekly-designed overhanging lighting system, consisting of 37 powerful LED lamps, that arches above the aquarium to provide brilliant illumination for plants and decor.

The aquarium includes a powerful circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a large 3-stage filtration system that provides more than enough filtration for ultra clean and clear water.

It also comes with all the necessary filter media: a porous foam block with convenient handle, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings for effective and thorough mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

The pump and filtration system are conveniently located in a separate chamber at one end of the aquarium to simplify maintenance.


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