Fluval Spec 10 Litre Black

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The Fluval Spec 10 Litre Aquarium is a simple to maintain a contemporary aquarium that is the perfect stylish accessory for the home or office.

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The Fluval Spec 10 Litre Aquarium offers a contemporary fish tank design that will add a hint of class to any home or office. It is compact at just 22cm in length, so ideal for smaller spaces. It is designed to be very low maintenance and includes a powerful, three-stage filtration system with mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. This means it produces crystal clear water and reduces the amount of maintenance required.

The high powered LED lighting system is fantastic for plants, encouraging optimum growth and vitality. The slim-line light unit sits over the top of the tank, so does not distract from the view.

The tank has an excellent filtration and pump system that is cleverly hidden behind the frosted glass at the back of the tank. A black panel in front means the equipment cannot be seen from the front, and so does not distract from the natural beauty of the tank. This also allows easy access for maintenance without disturbing the tank.


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