Fluval Roma 240

£492.00 £420.00

The Roma 240 LED Aquarium Set combines the best of practicality and style to present a fish tank that includes everything you need for your tropical fish.

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Add a cabinet for £232 normally £197

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The Fluval Roma 200 LED Aquarium Set and Cabinet Black combine the high quality of the 200 litre The Fluval Roma 240 LED Aquarium Set and Cabinet Black brings the magic of the underwater world right into your living room with a high quality 240 litre fish tank and matching black cabinet. The stunning black design of the cabinet will perfectly complement the fish tank but also provides you with convenient storage space. There is also a striking silver decor strip that you have the option of placing both in the cabinet and on top of the tank.

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The sleek black canopy is made to fit in perfectly with the streamlined appearance but is still very robust LED light unit. Great for plant growth and colouration of your fish. Whilst these are cheap to run then also don’t generate heat like most fluorescent bulbs do.

The Fluval 306 Filter included provides fantastic external filtration. It has a three-stage filtration system for the cleanest water. It has a square canister and as such it can hold between 35-50% more water, meaning you get the best possible clean. It also comes complete with all the necessary media for excellent mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. All necessary connectors and attachments are included. The cabinet provides an ideal storage for the filter as well as all your other accessories.

To maintain the right temperature, a Fluval 300 watt internal heater is included. It will provide continuous, precise real-time temperature readings to give you constant peace of mind.

The tank sits perfectly atop the corresponding cabinet. A great way to store larger filtration devices or pumps as well as storage.



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