Fluval Roma 200

£365.00 £310.00

The Roma 200 LED Aquarium Set combines the best of practicality and style to present a fish tank that includes everything you need for your tropical fish.

Add a cabinet for £190 normally £162

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The Fluval Roma 200 LED Aquarium Set and Cabinet Black combine the high quality of the 200 litre Fluval Roma aquarium with the stunning design of the black cabinet, both measuring just 100cm in length. The aquarium canopy offers a streamlined design that can be fitted with a silver decor strip to match the cabinet below.

The hood also includes built-in LED lighting. This makes sure that your plants and fish get the best light, essential for vitality and lush growth – and of course, shows the natural colours and beauty of your aquarium.

The Fluval Roma 200 is a sophisticated 200-litre aquarium that will bring an enviable sense of style to your home. This aquarium set includes the fish tank, filter, heater, thermometer and a few other essential extras to help get you started. The Fluval Roma 200 is simplicity at its best, a classic rectangular aquarium with clean lines especially made to fit on its own stylish cabinet, which is included as part of the set.

The U4 Internal Filter offers the superb performance you’d expect from Fluval. It is easily maintained and controlled via a flip-top lid. Three stages of filtration guarantee the best results, as well as essential water circulation at all stages of the tank. The filter can be positioned vertically or horizontally depending on the depth of the water, for optimum water circulation.

The 200-watt heater enclosed also makes sure your fish and plant life have the right temperature. Precise, clear readings allow you to monitor the temperature. It can also be used in fresh and saltwater tanks



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