Fluval Roma 125

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The Fluval 125 Aquarium Set offers both the 125-litre rectangular aquarium and the warming presence of the oak, measuring 80cm in length. This set also includes a range of essential aquarium equipment, including a thermometer, heater and filter and built-in fluorescent lighting

Cabinet cost: was £157 now on sale at £134

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Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium Set offers a clean and warm design with a high-quality 125-litre rectangular aquarium and aquarium cabinet, measuring 80cm and includes almost everything you need for your aquarium. It includes both the 125-litre tank and the highly practical cabinet that will make a stylish addition to any home.

This Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium set includes the 125-litre fish tank, two 15 watt T8 fluorescent light tubes built into the durable canopy hood, as well as a filter, heater, thermometer and other essential equipment. You are also able to insert a black inset into the top of the aquarium to correspond to the cabinet.



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