eheim aquastar 54ltr LED

£125.00 £105.00

EHEIM aquastar 54 LED is the optimal aquarium set for beginners. This aquarium comes with energy-saving LED lighting and an array of other features.

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Like all EHEIM complete sets aquastar 54 LED offers you all that you need as basic equipment. You can immediately start with this set-up and later customize it as your nurture your hobby. Furthermore, you have special ad-vantages: Up to 20% more energy efficiency with our LED lighting, the light colour is ideal for plants and aquarium inhabitants. The flat cover can be completely open or removed and the LED lamp can be shifted for maintenance and service work. Other advantages are the practical lid openings that are suitable for the installation of an automatic feeder as well as ease of access. As always, you get a product that is made out of high-quality components and we feel we’ve outdone ourselves with a starter kit!


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