Boulengerella maculata


Anyone who has enough space in the home tank (a 2.5 m long tank should be provided) should not
miss the enjoyment to observe this with the own eyes and keep a larger group of this fascinating fish.

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The Spotted Pike Characin, Boulengerella macaulata, belongs to the most popular species of predatory fish in the freshwater aquarium. This has several reasons. First of all the up to 30 cm, long species is very peaceful. All other tankmates (as long as they don´t fit the mouth) are simply ignored. And, despite the fact that the species feeds in the wild exclusively on live fish and occasionally crustaceans and insects, they
accept usually quite fast frozen food items. They’re not for the beginner, but if you’re interested in an aquatic profile that’s a little out of the ordinary, you may want to consider a softshell turtle for a pet. As the name suggests, these strange looking turtles lack the one characteristic almost all turtles share: a hard shell. This makes them more susceptible to attacks in the wild, but unlike their fellow turtles, softshells can move quickly on land.


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