AquaSafe 500ml + TetraMin Flakes 200g

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It’s important to treat water before adding fish. Tetra® AquaSafe®Solution removes chlorine and other harmful substances from the water. You should add eight drops of Tetra® AquaSafe® Solution per one gallon of water. For example, a two-gallon aquarium will need 16 drops of Tetra® AquaSafe® Solution. The 3.3-ounce size has a dropper built into the bottle.

The world’s favourite fish food continues to be an innovation leader. Today’s TetraMin® has been improved with the fish keeper’s success in mind. Tetra’s “Clean and Clear Water Formula” means that the flakes are even easier to digest and do not leach colour thereby keeping aquarium water clean and clear. TetraMin® continues to be made with patented, health enhancing ProCare. This precise blend of immunostimulants, vitamins, biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids is custom designed to strengthen fish’s resistance to disease and stress.

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