These wonderfully vibrant and energetic fish make a fantastic addition to your tropical fish tank. Happiest in shoal’s, normally in groups of about 6 to 10, they are great community fish meaning they are compatible with most others. This is a great advantage as it does not limit you when choosing other fish to add to your tank.

How to look after Tetras

They are very easy to keep, simply keep your tank clean and Tetra’s will be happy to look after themselves. Take a look at our how to keep your fish tank clean video for a step by step guide and take advantage of our water testing video to keep your tank healthy.

What temperature are Tetras kept at?

Tetras are normally kept at a temperature of between 24C to 26C, which again makes them perfect for mixing with other fish as many also thrive in this kind of temperature.

What to feed Tetras

Tetra’s need a nice varied diet to help them have a healthy digestion and keep them in peak condition. They will eat any dried flake food just be sure to add the occasional frozen food as well.