Guppies and Mollies make a gorgeous addition to your tropical fish tank adding colour, beauty and elegance. Guppies and Mollies are livebearers and similar to Tetra are brilliant community fish making them easy to add to any tropical fish tank. They are best kept in pairs and possibly with and additional female to prevent the male becoming too protective over a single female and potentially becoming aggressive.

How to look after Guppies and Mollies

These are very easy fish to look after. Maintain a tank clean and your Guppies and Mollies will thrive by themselves. Have a look at our how to keep your fish tank clean video for a step by step guide and take advantage of our water testing video to keep on top of the health of your tank. To make your Guppies and Mollies feel even more at home they benefit greatly from a small amount of aquarium salt. They only need a small amount so you do not need to worry about it affecting other fish in your tropical tank.

What temperature are Guppies and Mollies kept at?

Similarly to Tetra’s, Guppies and Mollies are normally kept at a temperature of between 24C to 26C, which makes them ideal for mixing with other species of fish as many also flourish at this temperature.

What to feed Guppies and Mollies

They do not have demanding feeding needs, which is great news for you. They are happy to eat your normal dried flake food with the addition of a vegetable fish flakes.