Goldfish are a Coldwater fish and selective breeding has opened the door to a myriad of different varieties of Goldfish. They are great schooling fish that are best kept with other Goldfish and require a lot of oxygen. They are very peaceful fish so if you are to mix them, be sure to mix them with other non-aggressive Coldwater fish.

How to look after Goldfish

Goldfish are messy little things and produce quite a lot of waste so they require good regular maintenance with both filter and waste changes. They produce a lot of ammonia, which can kill other fish, and while Goldfish can manage in higher ammonia conditions, they do prefer to be kept in a clean tank. To find out how to clean your fish tank correctly and easily watch our step by step guide how to keep your fish tank clean video.

What temperature are Goldfish kept at?

Goldfish are Coldwater fish and so are best to be kept in temperature of about 10C to 20C although they can live in temperatures that are just above freezing. For this reason, many Goldfish can live in ponds outside however if the water freezes they will not survive.

What to feed Goldfish

Goldfish need to be fed twice on a daily basis and will eat most proprietary brands of Coldwater foods, all of which you can buy from our store based in Bethnal Green, East London. However, when purchasing a Goldfish from us do be sure to ask a member of our fish the best food for the type of Goldfish you choose to ensure you know which is best. It is also important to be aware that while some Goldfish can take food that floats on the surface of the water, others need to take food from the floor such as pellet food as they cannot get rid of the air they take in, which can result in them getting a condition called swim bladder.