Also part of the Cichlid family, they share the same ability to be aggressive towards other smaller fish; however, this can be avoided by buying them young and raising them with small fish. The only disadvantage is that this does mean it is difficult to introduce new small fish once they reach adult size. Males will fight to show dominance however to reduce aggression it is best to keep them in large shoals. Although it is advised Angelfish be kept in shoals they can be bought in pairs once they are sub adult size as they are difficult to sex when they are young.

How to look after Angelfish

As it is recommended that Angelfish be kept in a tank with a PH level of about 6.6 to. They need to be kept in a tank of suitable size depending on the breed of Angelfish you choose as some can grow to the about the size of a human hand, therefore requiring more space. To find out how to clean your fish tank correctly and easily watch our step by step guide how to keep your fish tank clean video or our water testing video to monitor the PH level of your tank’s water.

What temperature are Angelfish kept at?

Similarly to that of many other fish, Angelfish are kept at a temperature of about 24C to 26C degrees so the temperature of your tank will not limit you when choosing other fish to mix with your Angelfish.

What to feed Angelfish

To maintain the beauty and health of your Angelfish suggested that they be kept on a tropical flake food, pellet food and the addition of frozen and live foods, all of which you can buy from our store based in Bethnal Green, East London.