Freshwater fish are fish that originate and kept in cooler freshwater environments such as unheated aquariums and ponds. They make an excellent fish to keep as pets or as part of a growing aquarium. Here at Wholesale Tropicals we carry a wide range of freshwater fish. These include favourite species such as a wide range of goldfishes and orandas as well as the beautifully coloured varieties of Koi and Koi Carp. This means we can serve a far wider area than simply London, Bow, Shoreditch & Whitechapel and UK.

With over 50 years experience, we work hard to ensure that all our fish are of the highest standards of health and happiness. Being a family run business for so many years helps us to become an award winning store. Our expert team are all keen fish enthusiasts as well as being experienced in all areas of the fish keeping business. With professional and experienced staff, who are friendly and approachable, there is no wonder we are voted in the top 10 of aquatic retailers.

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