We provide small, medium and large aquarium setups as well as customised aquariums in the home. We stock and display many aquariums from popular manufacturers such as Fluval, Juwel and others. Your aquarium setup will play a fundamental role in ensuring the wellbeing of your fish. Please ensure to come see one of our knowledgeable staff in our Bethnal Green, East London store who will guide you to an aquarium tailored to your needs. By using real aquatic plants in your aquarium, your fish will receive more oxygen as they will help filter out chemicals and provide an alternative food source for your fish. And by adding aquatic decorations, you will provide cover and protection for your fish by reducing their stress levels and offering them an alternative place to sleep.

With over 50 years experience in freshwater tropical and coldwater species, we work hard to ensure that all our fish are of the highest standards of health and happiness. Our expert team are all keen fish enthusiasts who can provide advice and help on the best aquatic setup for your fish’s health and happiness. Offering friendly and approachable staff to help you with all your aquatic needs.

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