Koi Carp

There are few exotic fish as ornamental as the Koi Carp. This beautiful fish features distinctive patterns and colourings, which makes the Koi an attraction in specially designed outdoor ponds or waterways in ornamental gardens. With the help of Wholesale Tropicals it is possible to add these delightful fish to a domestic aquarium.

What is a Koi Carp?

The Koi Carp is a variety of common carp bred in Japan for decorative purposes. There are several types of Koi Carp of different sizes and with different markings. Some types may be small enough to keep in an indoor aquarium, whereas others will need an outdoor space. Our specialists at Wholesale Tropicals can assist in identifying the type of Koi carp most suited to a particular environment.

Caring for your Koi Carp

Koi carp need to be treated differently depending on their size and we can provide expert help in the specific needs of the fish you buy from us. Regular feeding and aquarium cleaning are, of course, pre-requisites to the good care of Koi Carp. Aquarium accessories such as thermometers and thermostats, filters and air pumps, gravel and decorations will be necessary in creating a healthy environment in which Koi Carp can thrive.

Getting started

When you come down to our store in Bethnal Green, we can determine the right type of Koi Carp for your needs, or direct you to other exotic fish that may suit your situation. With the right equipment and accessories, you will then be able to start caring for your very own Koi Carp ornamental pond or aquarium,with all the enjoyment and fascination that this can bring to you and your family.

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