The Arowana

The Arowana is definitely a fish with bite, both in its looks and when feeding. Its distinctive appearance and fascinating habits make the Arowana a popular choice when buying exotic fish. At Wholesale Tropicals we have everything you need if you are thinking of adding the Arowana to your aquarium.

What is an Arowana?

Popularly known for its prehistoric looks, the natural habitat of the Arowana is the South American flood plains. Its diet is heavily carnivorous, with younger fish feeding on the likes of worms, brine shrimps, and smaller fish. The adult Arowana is known for hunting larger prey and in the wild can leap several feet out of the water in pursuit of a meal. There are several varieties of Arowana, some of which are rare or endangered and therefore not available to domestic owners. At Wholesale Tropicals, we have detailed information on the types you can purchase, along with facts about their required habitats.

Caring for your Arowana

Aros, as they are sometimes known, require a lot of space, which usually means an aquarium with a capacity of more than 125 gallons. The aquarium requires a top cover, to guard against the Arowana leaping out. This fish requires ongoing care, for which an owner will need to budget sufficiently. Given the carnivorous feeding habits, a suitable aquarium cleaning regime is part of the care process. Our experts at Wholesale Tropicals can help to work out the specific details for a particular variety of Arowana.

Getting started

Owning and caring for an Arowana can be a rewarding experience, either as a speciality or alongside other tropical fish. Wholesale Tropicals has a wealth of experience in determining if the Arowana is right for you.We can provide reliable tips and information, and we stock a range of alternatives that may also interest you. Come down to our store in Bethnal Green, where you can discover more about the exotic and colourful hobby of keeping tropical fish.

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